League Of Legends History – Straits Times

The League Of Legends has undergone a lot of changes since its initial release. As the game got more popular, events were held to test the boundaries of the game and push the limits of entertainment as well. One such event was the League Of Legends Invitationals, which was organized by Yahoo! Gaming and sponsored by Acer, one of the most famous gaming houses in the world today.

The World Championship Season 3 was held in London. This was the first time that a major tournament was held outside of Asia. As expected, things turned out to be more exciting for the audience. In this tournament, the best teams from all over the globe gathered to battle it out in order to be declared the champions. The prize money alone was huge, with over one million dollars given out to the winning team. It is even said that this competition attracted the biggest audience ever.

Since the time that the first Invitationals took place, there have been lots of other tournaments that were held. The most recent came during the League Of Legends World Championship Series. Just like before, the best team from each region gathered to fight for the championship. This time, the League Of Legends World Championship Series went beyond just battling.

Players from all over the world gathered to participate in these tournaments. After the first day’s play, there were over twelve teams who had already qualified for the main tournament. From this group, only the top four remained. During the first round of the tournament, the North American team, Cloud9, came out on top, beating the European squad, Gamers2. From there, it was a simple matter to determine who the true champions would be.

After this, the European team, Gamers2 once again seemed to hold the title. It was the time for another battle however as the Korean team Samsung Blue came back from the losers bracket after a tie against Navi. There were still many games left though as the European team from Ninjas in Tear had just as many players as the North American one, Cloud9.

In the end, Cloud9 ended up taking first as their score was higher than Na`vi’s. After this event, more international events were held, such as the Rift Masters II event where the European and North American teams once again fought to be number one. Even with a much-weakened roster compared to the earlier days, they still made it to the grand final, where they finally lost to the Chinese powerhouse, LGD. For the time being, the history of League Of Legends is incomplete without this one team from Asiaone.